Connect To Google Account

  1. Click the “Configuration” button in the CCTSync toolbar.
  2. Click the “Configuration” button in the CCTSync toolbar. The configuration wizard opens. Click continue for the next step.
  3. Enter the Googl account on the following page. The Google account ends at “@” or “@”.
  4. With next the account is checked and a connection to Google is established. Please note the browser window with a selection of available Google accounts. If the desired account is not available, select “Other account”.
  5. Confirm that CCTSync can access your Google data with “Allow”
  6. If you see the following picture, CCTSync can access the data. You can close the browser window.
  7. The Google connection was successful and you can click Next.
  8. Confirm the terms of use and save your changes at the end of the wizard.
  9. Finished.